How to start in the x movies industry?

If you are still looking for something you could do for a living, you look good and you enjoy having sex, then this might be the thing for you. Every porn star has started just like you did; they found a way to get into the office of an executive producer. Then they showed him or her how good they are and why they should be the next important actor or actress in this industry. Many times it has happened, but mostly these people get a smaller job first, just to see if they can be productive in this environment.

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What else can you do?

Often a person tending to become a porn star is put to work as a cameramen, or to prepare the ladies and men for their action part. That means getting into the thing right away and understanding what it means to have sex in front of a bunch of people. If you don't think you can handle having your private parts out for everyone who passes to see them, then you should right now stop and look for another profession. The biggest requirement here is to be comfortable with your body and to be willing to share it. You must have seen that the cameraman gets some fun at the end as well.

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In case you don't want to be a porn star but still want to work in the industry, then you should consider other ways. The big names in the industry are known, but those people are not real celebrities. Therefore you could easily get a lunch date with them or meet them in the club. You can talk and see what would work. However, they will want something from you in order to help, so be prepared to get some fun and be used, just to get that dream job.