Are sex movies for real?


Everything you see on the internet and on TV might not be real, since the science of special effects has developed quite a lot. Today they can make almost anything and sell it as real to the audience that just wants to see something that will make them amazed. However, in the sex and porn movie industry, there are no special effects, everything is just as it is. But in case you would like to know how it all goes down and why so many people are involved in just one porn movie, then you should keep reading.

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It is a piece of art, not just recorded sex

For everyone who has ever worked in the sex industry, it might still be unclear why almost a hundred people are involved in just one movie. First of all there are the actors, about 10 of them, and then there are the make - up, hair, and costume teams. Yes, they have a few people working on costumes even in porn movies, because the actresses and actors have to be taking something off, not only being naked all the time. The cameramen are also there, as well as a bunch of producers and directors. The whole team is a group of open minded people that are there to not only make a good movie, but to also have some fun along the way.

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If you meant with the question 'is a sex movie for real' the spontaneity of it all, then it is obvious that everything is staged. However, the actresses and actors get some decisions to make along the way and can decide some little things, understand it as the improvisation part that actors in other movies have. It can take up to a few weeks to complete a movie of this kind, because the people involved cannot just go on, and the talent cannot be used for longer than 5 hours a day.